good idea for a film

it’s about a cop who - get this - doesn’t play by the rules. this guy… he’s something of a loose cannon. but here’s the twist: he doesn’t play by the rules. he’s a lone wolf. you could even say he doesn’t play by the rules. sometimes he actually breaks the rules. that is to say, instead of playing by them. them being the rules. of which he does not play by.

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I hate that friendship to me has basically been reduced to sending a text every week or so. :(

If your name is Becca or Carly I’m sorryyy :(

I think it’s funny that all of a sudden everyone in Hollywood is a feminist because of Beyonce’s VMA performance.

Like, you should be a feminist because it’s what you stand for. Not because it’s cool and Beyonce is.

LOVE the atmosphere in the office on Fridays.

Anonymous asked:

A little baby elephant stumbles into your askbox, holding a small letter in his mouth. He hands the note to you,"I love you. You're a wonderful, loved person." Pass it in to people you care about anonymously.

Live Like A Pharaoh, Sing Like A Sparrow Answer:

awww cute! Thank you!! :)

I am mad at William right now because his mom has spent a total of like 3 minutes with me EVER and I found out that she thinks I’m “too needy to marry”. Umm…excuse me? Where the fuck could she have formed this opinion OTHER than from shit William has told her about me?


*hears a single word from a foreign language that i know* Wow. haha not to toot my own horn or anything but did you guys know that you are in the presence of a sophisticated linguist

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